Warranty and Authenticity

On your Engelsrufer piece of jewellery, you have a warranty of two years from the date of purchase regarding material defects and processing errors. The pre-requisite is that you as a consumer have bought the piece of jewellery in a partner sales outlet or in the Engelsrufer Online Shop. 

Please note that Engelsrufer Jewellery purchased from an authorised jewellery retailer has to be brought to that store with the proof of purchase and can not be sent directly to Engelsrufer.

From the date of purchase, your Engelsrufer piece of jewellery will be repaired free of charge within this two-year period. If this is not possible or if a repair is disproportionate, we exchange the piece of jewellery for an equivalent free of charge. The guarantee does not cover improper use, external repair, careless handling, wear, wearing parts such as leather or satin ribbons, misuse or if the piece of jewellery has been damaged, for example, by an accident. Please refer to the special care instructions for jewellery by Engelsrufer.

For your own safety, we would like to point out that defective jewellery is stamped by registered mail or parcel with return receipt to us. We assume no liability for damage, loss and theft during transport.