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White stands for brilliant perfection, innocence, purity and immortality.

Black dominates the light, its appearance is mysterious and elegant Brown embodies fertility and awakens feelings of comfort an warmth.
Green stands for hope, health, balance and honesty.

Red is a warm color which stands for strength, fire, passion and love.

Turquoise represents balance, communication, honesty and self-confidence.

Blue represents feelings, fluidity, responsibility and the power of concentration.

Purple stands for freedom and balance.
It is the colour of independence.

Gold represents wealth.
It is also the colour of birth, sun and pure brightness.

Yellow brings happiness, and creates vitality and optimism.

Orange stands for energy. It gives power, self esteem and stimulates activity.

Pink is the colour of strong characters - dominant, confident and style-conscious.

Rose is gentle and tender, it gives hope and calmness in difficult times.

Grey stands for neutrality and wisdom - wise decisions, perception and tolerance.

Mint represents elegance, vitality and calmness.