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 Engelsrufer – Angel Whisperer


If you believe in guardian angels and want to connect in a closer way, the ancient tradition of the “Engelsrufer” will help you call your angel. This precious jewel is fragile like an angel but possesses strength to help in all situations.


Handcrafted with care and high-quality, the beautiful pendant baskets are made from 925 Sterling Silver which is rhodium plated. 


Open the basket and discover a handcrafted interchangeable chiming sound ball. The sound balls are available in 16 different colours, with each colour having a special meaning. White signifies brilliant perfection, innocence and purity, black dominates light and is mysterious and elegant, green stands for hope, health, balance and honesty and red portrays strength, fire, passion and love.


Each ball has its own unique, subtle sound and the delicate chime of the Engelsrufer calls your guardian angel to your side to protect you from all danger. Choose your colours wisely, so that you can find your special angel to listen to all your secret wishes.  The sound balls can be purchased separately and exchanged individually.


The Engelsrufer is available in three sizes and three colours – silver, gold or rose gold plated. Add on angel wing pendants to further personalise your purchase.


The German Engelsrufer range is a lovely gift for memorable occasions and serves as a good luck symbol to loved ones to help them find and trust in their guardian angel for protection.